Easy, fast & affordable file hosting
5 GB Storage
50 GB Bandwidth
£ 5 Per Month

Additional storage: £1.00 per GB/month | Additional bandwidth: £0.10 per GB

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What's it for?

Normal web hosting providers often don't like you hosting large media files alongside your website (they can use a lot of space and bandwidth) or have very restrictive limits on the size and type of files you can upload.

With VertigoCloud you can upload files up to 2GB each using our easy to use web-based file manager and link directly to your content from your website.

Get Started
Create or log in to your VertigoSSO account VertigoSSO is a Single-Sign-On service allowing you to use a single username and password across a range of services.
Add credit to your account VertigoCloud is a pre-pay service.
Usage costs are deducted from your balance at the end of the month.
Payments are handled securely via Stripe.
Create a Bucket A bucket is a uniquely named area where your content is stored and served.
You can name your bucket whatever you'd like (within reason!):
e.g. mybucket.vertigocloud.co.uk
Upload your content using our simple web-based file manager No messing around with 3rd party software or FTP clients!
Simply drag and drop your files to upload.
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